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5star-Gold Award

WeretigerWerewolf Hunter

It's not easy being a weretiger. A life of hunting and killing werewolves is tough enough. When you fall in love with a human, things get complicated.     Alexander Malkin discovered that werewolves were real when they killed his parents. Only the intervention of a weretiger saved Alex from the same fate, but his salvation came with a price. A few months later, Alex was shocked and terrified when he morphed into a weretiger for the first time.     When told that weretigers were magical creatures created to hunt and kill Lycans (werewolves), he was curious. After his first taste of lycan blood, Alex was all in.  From then on, revenge was all about hunting and killing werewolves, and Alex was a natural at it. Then he met Cassandra, and everything changed when he werewolves started hunting them both.

A Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award Winner

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