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About Publishing

At one time, traditional publishing companies had a monopoly on the book business. They controlled who was published and who was not. Our reading choices were limited to only those authors and stories the major publishing houses wanted us to read.


Along came Amazon who allowed anyone to upload a digital version of their work. With more reading choices available the public flocked to Amazon to buy their reading material. Now, the public gets to choose whose work they want to read, either in print or digitally, not the book publishing companies. Amazon has put a lot of publishers and bookstores out of business. Now, Amazon is the big fish of the publishing industry.


To survive, most publishers have become super selective in choosing what and who they publish. Most choose to publish books by people with name recognition. There are only a few small press publishers who still look for new names and new ideas.


I publish my books online because they contain timely subject matter. The material can't wait a year or more for a traditional publisher to accept or reject it, and another year or more before it hits the bookstores.

My ideal customer is one who likes to read humorous stories, about strange individuals and creatures. One who also appreciates a good adventure novel or nonfiction book. Like a book on how to survive in this increasingly violent world by using situational awareness.

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