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Do you know how to survive a violent attack?

We live in a time when a trip to the mall or a movie theater could bring you face-to-face with a mass shooting or terrorist attack. Incidents involving mass shootings, muggings, terrorist attacks, home invasions, and other attacks on the general public are no longer the exception. They are on the rise and becoming more violent and deadly.

When it comes to surviving an attack, you are either prepared or unprepared; there is no third option. It's a fact that the first people to take action during any type of attack, usually survive it.

"Fight or Flight" instructs the reader on how to avoid and survive these attacks at home, at work, or on the street. It also teaches the reader how to prepare for, avoid, and survive a violent personal encounter anywhere at any time.​

Real self-defense and survival skills are not reactive, they are proactive. Most people don't react to a dangerous situation until it's too late. Being a survivor means practicing situational awareness, and being physically and mentally able to defend yourself.

Staying alive in a dangerous situation begins long before any physical confrontation takes place. "Fight or Flight," tells you how using situational awareness can give you an advantage in dangerous situations, regardless of your physical ability or skill level.

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