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Practical Wordsmithing

Practical Wordsmithing is a writer's compendium of containing 3,900 plus descriptive words and phrases.

Why does a writer need a descriptive word reference containing so many words and phrases? For the same reason that a painter needs 344 plus colors. To create a more captivating painting. Where a painter selects a color to pull the viewer into a painting, a writer chooses descriptive words to draw in the reader into the story.

Practical Wordsmithing isn't just about learning how to use words to paint a picture in your readers' minds. With chapters on Visual Imagery, Tone, Mood, Atmosphere, Emotion, Creating Backstory, Plot, and Storyline, and How to Weave a Believable Lie, it's also a writer's how-to book. One that will help both experienced and novice writers immerse their readers in a sensory experience.

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