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Excerpt From Gemini Wordsmiths Interview

     It's important for new writers to know that where and how many times you've been published is not important. Writing is not a contest, not unless you are submitting to one, anyway.

     Just because a few publishers reject your short story or book doesn't matter. Writing is subjective to the reader, so keep writing; it will eventually happen. I know, I've been there.

      If you're a new author who's written a book that conventional publishers turn down, self-publish. Most traditional publishing houses want a sure thing and won't even consider a new author anyway.

      There's no shame in self-publishing your book on Amazon, Smashwords, Barns & Noble Press, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Draft2Digital, or one of the many other sites. Just be careful of the scammers; do your research. Writer Beware® is a good place to start.

      To me, writing is an act of love, a piece of yourself you freely give to others. It's a work of art that arouses emotions not with a brush on canvas, but with pen on paper. We see in pictures, but we think in words. After all, language is what makes us human; it's the dividing line between humanity and animals. And isn't writing just language in visual form?

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