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Finders Inc.

Book Review by Delene Vrey for Readers' Favorite

Milo Quagmire, the son of a Witch Queen and a Master Wizard, has had bad luck since his eighteenth birthday. Not only was he cursed into inhabiting a forty-year-old short, overweight body, but his magic has been “muddied” since birth because he is only a half-wizard. However, since the wizards left Piridia, Milo is the best wizard (i.e., the only one). So what does an overweight wizard with anxiety do? Start a Finder's agency. Luckily, Milo is good at finding stuff, and he charges a finder’s fee. He lives in his father’s werehouse (as in werewolf). When a hit is placed on Milo by one of his clients, the Muddy Wizard and his familiars set out to clear Milo’s name and stop an ancient evil that was let loose during a spell meant to break Milo’s curse. Finder’s Inc. by Antaeus is a fun and humorous fantasy for a more mature audience.  Finder’s Inc. by Antaeus is a humorous fantasy set in Peridia. It contains all the elements of a good fantasy, from wizards and witches to shapeshifters and magical curses. The author’s unconventional way of treating the literal and figurative meaning of anecdotes leads to a break in the suspense, resulting in excellent comedic timing. The characters are honest and true reflections of the people we encounter in life (minus the magic). Although some content is for a mature audience, nothing is vulgar or explicit. Some themes found in Finder’s Inc. are friendship, family, and the virtue of doing good and staying away from magic spells you know nothing about.

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