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The Fix-It Man

"The Fix-It Man doesn't just repair things--

sometimes, he fixes people too."

"The Fix-It Man" is the diary of a morally ambiguous killer who claims his Lord tells him who to kill and who to help. Jon, "JT" Thomas is an immortal on a mission to eliminate evil from the world. He's also psychotic with a dissolving sense of reality. JT selects his victims as he travels across the U.S., posing as a fix-it man. Sometimes he's a benevolent guardian, but mostly he's a stone-cold killer motivated by his delusional state of mind. This self-appointed hunter believes that demons escaped from hell and impregnated human women. Now these 'Demon-Spawn' roam the Earth. J.T. stalks and kills the targets he perceives as demon-spawns or just plain evil people. In his travels, J.T. meets and interacts with other hunters, some of whom he gets along with, and the ones he doesn't tend to disappear. However, for the Fix-It Man, it's all about eliminating evil—even if he must kill other demon hunters to do it. JT's Lord tells him which people are demon-spawn, succubi, or various other monsters. Whatever he perceives them to be, eventually, they all fall victim to JT's railroad spikes or straight razor.

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