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Tormod's War

"Tormod's War" is an electrifying action-adventure story of alien conflict and compelling intrigue."

Keeping the peace on the galactic fringe is like trying to walk a cat on a leash. It's all about hearing hisses, dodging claws, avoiding bites, and listening to your gut.

When Tormod Hellbringer joined WASP (World Alliance Space Patrol), he volunteered for a galactic "fringe" assignment. Out on the fringe, death can come quickly from a spear thrust, or slowly from an alien's poisonous bite. It was a perfect match for Tor, and like a Siren's song, the danger beckoned to him. The tour was for six months, and the survival rate was one out of ten. Tor did four tours of duty on the fringe before he was recalled to Earth.

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