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Finders Inc.

     "Finders Inc." is about a mixed-blood wizard named Milo—the last wizard left on his planet. You would think that would be a good-paying gig for Milo, but it's not. The half-wizard has been cursed with "Muddy Magic." Sometimes his magic works, and sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time, it gets him into trouble. The only gift he has that consistently works is that he can find anything, as long as it's more than a mile away.

     Compounding his problems with muddy magic are his familiars, who sometimes hinder him more than help.

  • Harry is a bumbling Trorc (part troll and part orc) that Milo accidentally created.

  • Anna is the sexy vamp who was formerly a blow-up sex doll.

  • Mackenzie (Macke) is a mini dragon from an alternate reality who blows colored bubbles instead of fire. Macke thinks he's a male dragon trapped in a female dragon's body.

     Together they make up the crew of Finders Incorporated and hire out to find hidden objects or people for money.

     They all live in a structure called "The Werehouse." The building is a shape-shifting entity conjured up by Milo's father, a Master Wizard. You never know what room you will walk into when you leave another.

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