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Antaeus' Short Story Publication Credits

Below are some of my more recent publishing credits.

Gravel Magazine - Hunting the Wild Haggis

Ariel Chart - My Father

The Lycan Valley Press Anthology "Untimely Frost "- Remembering Another Life

Trampset - The Train

Armarolla - Different kind of family

Heart and Humanity - Charlie

The Blue Monkey - Earthfall

Celestial Echo Press Anthology "The Twofer Compendium" - Of Werewolves and Weretigers.

Celestial Echo Press Anthology The Trench Coat Chronicles

Fleas On the Dog - Geronticide

Adelaide Literary Magazine - Hunter and Hunted

Scarlet Leaf Review - Prologue to an-Epilogue

Literally Stories - The Luck Sucker

Pangolin Review - Kindred

Once Upon a Crocodile! The Aruba Trip

Chamber Magazine The Flea

Water Dragon Anthology "Corporate Catharsis." "Pandemic Pizza"

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