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Great Books To Read

Discover a world of knowledge with Antaeus-Books!

This website is a repository and a showcase for books written and self-published by award-winning author Antaeus and other emerging authors. If you're looking for fiction, nonfiction, thrillers, science fiction, humorous fantasy, action-adventure, or something else, you'll find your next great read here at Antaeus-Books. Books on situational awareness, self-protection, gun safety, active shooter avoidance, and even Weretigers and Werewolves. Follow the links below to read a preview of the books.

Book Armed and Alive
Book Surviving the Threat
Book Fight or Flight
Boook Otherworld Tales
Book Brainfire I
Book Brainfire II
Book Practical Wordsmithing
Book Disremembered Words
Book Weretiger
Book Finders Inc
Book Tormods War
Book Fix-it Man
Book Poetry in the Rhythm of Life
Book Barbie the Ghost

Anthologies Containing Antaeus' Stories

Book Corporate Catharsis
Book The Twofer Compendium
Book Trench Coat Cronicles
Book Untimely Frost

Out of print books

Book Rune
Book Alternat Earth Tales
Book More Alternate Tales
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