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Welcome to Antaeus-Books

This website is not a publisher's web page. It is a repository and showcase for books written and self-published by Antaeus and Judy Balevre. On this website, you will find many amazing books to purchase. There are fiction and nonfiction books, action-adventure, and Sci-Fi books. Books on situational awareness, self-protection, gun safety, active shooter avoidance, and even a book on Weretigers and Werewolves. Follow the paid ad links below to read a preview of the books.  At Antaeus-Books, author Antaeus has a book to suit every reader's taste.


Book | Armed and Alive
Book | Surviving the Threat
Book | Fight or Flight
Book | Practical Wordsmithing.jpg
Book | Disremembered Wordsg
Book | Poetry by Antaeus
Book | Barbie the Ghost
Book | Fix-it Man

Short Story Collections by Antaeus
Otherworld Tales          Brainfire.

Boook | Otherworld Tales
Book | Brainfire

Fantasy by Antaeus
Weretiger        Finders Inc.

Book | Weretiger
Finders 12 Small Size.jpg
Book | Tormods Wor

Anthologies Containing Antaeus' Stories

Book | The Twofer Compendium
Book | Trench Coat Cronicles
Book | Untimely Frost
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