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Antaeus-Books is the place to find great books to read.

This is not a publisher's web page. It is a repository and showcase for books written and self-published by Antaeus and Judy Balevre. On this website, you will find many exciting books to read. There are fiction and nonfiction books, action-adventure, and Sci-Fi books. Books on situational awareness, self-protection, gun safety, and active shooter avoidance.  Antaeus has also written books on Weretigers and Werewolves, plus a bunch of free short stories to read. ​Our book titles include:

Nonfiction Books

The Prepared Citizen Series by Antaeus

Armed and Alive, Surviving the Threat, and Fight or Flight.

True Supernatural by Judy Balevre

Barbie The Ghost.

Poetry by Antaeus

Poetry in the Rhythm of Life.

Instructional by Antaeus

Practical Wordsmithing, Disremembered Words.

Fiction books

Short Story Collections by Antaeus

Otherworld Tales, Brainfire.

Science Fiction by Antaeus and Judy Balevre

Tormod's War.

Fantasy by Antaeus

Weretiger: Werewolf Hunter.

Thriller by Antaeus and Judy Balevre

The Fix-It Man.

At Antaeus-Books, author Antaeus has a book to suit every reader's taste. Check out our books that are in progress

If you are a writer and have a question, contact Antaeus, and he will help you if he can, without charge. If he can't help, he may be able to direct you to someone who can.

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The Fix-It Man

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