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Antaeus-Books Coming Soon
Books in progress is not a publishers web page. It is a repository and showcase for books written and self-published by emerging writers.

There is no charge to display your work on the Antaeus-Books web page. We do not require a copy of your book, only a .jpg of your cover, your books Amazon URL, and a short description.

This site accepts books in the following genres:

     Fiction, Nonfiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Western, Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Detective story, Dystopia, Memoir, Biography, Horror, Self-Help, Young adult fiction, Children's books. And many subcategories of those genres.

Submission Guidelines

     The content of your book must be deemed suitable by the Antaeus-Books webmaster, who reserves the right to reject your book for any reason. Submit your work to Antaeus-Books 

We Do Not Accept:

     Submissions that have explicit or graphic sex scenes or use racial or LGBTQIA+ slurs. Books condoning racism, sexism, or discrimination presented in a positive light will not be accepted. If your book contains rape, dubious consent, and/or forced seduction, pedophilia, sex with characters under the age 18, incest, necrophilia, etc., etc., etc., we will not accept it for placement.