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  • YouTube is not a publisher's web page. It is a repository and showcase for books written and published by Antaeus Balevre. On this website, you will find many interesting books to read. There are fiction, and nonfiction books, action-adventure, and Sci-Fi books. Books on situational awareness, self-protection, gun safety, and active shooter avoidance. There are even books on Weretigers and Werewolves, a bunch of free short stories to read, and books for your Kindle.

 Excerpt from an interview with Gemini Wordsmiths:

     It's important for new writers to know that where and how many times you've been published is not important. Writing is not a contest, not unless you are submitting to one, anyway.

     Just because a few publishers reject your short story or book doesn't matter. Writing is subjective to the reader, so keep writing; it will eventually happen. I know, I've been there.

      If you're a new author who's written a book that conventional publishers turn down, self-publish. Most traditional publishing houses want a sure thing and won't even consider a new author anyway.

      There's no shame in self-publishing your book on Amazon, Smashwords, Barns & Noble Press, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Draft2Digital or one of the many other sites. Just be careful of the scammers; do your research. Writer Beware® is a good place to start.

      To me, writing is an act of love, a piece of yourself you freely give to others. It's a work of art that arouses emotions not with a brush on canvas, but with pen on paper. We see in pictures, but we think in words. After all, language is what makes us human; it's the dividing line between humanity and animals. And isn't writing just language in visual form?



       If you want to have your book professionally published by a reputable company at a bargain price, take a look at BookLocker. At $78 for a DUI package and $875 for a full package, they are by far the most inexpensive publishers I know of. Angela Hoy is the President and CEO of, and all BookLocker authors have direct access to her.


       Angela also writes a free newsletter for authors called WritersWeekly. The newsletter is full of helpful information for new, as well as experienced Authors.

Gemini Wordsmiths

       If you are going to self-publish, make sure your book is as close to perfect as it can be. Your finished product is what people will judge you on, so spend a few bucks, and let an editor go over your book to make sure you are professionally presenting yourself and your work. Better yet, let two editors polish your work Gemini Wordsmiths gives you two editors for the price of one.

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