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Money For Nothing and a Link For Free

Imbedding A Buy/Preview Link To Your Book On Amazon

By Antaeus

     This article will show you how to get a free book link and make more money from your book.

     If you're an author, you should already have a website. If you don't, you need to get one immediately; there are plenty of free web hosting sites out there.

Not many authors know this, but courtesy of Amazon, you can easily imbed an image and a preview/buy link to your Kindle e-book on your web page. Linking to a paperback book is a whole other article.

      The free preview link from Amazon will place an image of your books cover on your website (you can adjust the size of the image before copying the link) with "Preview," and "Buy" buttons included beneath the cover image.

     The preview link is HTML code, so you will need to know how to incorporate it into your website. Most hosting sites have that capability. I use WIX to host my website, so it's only three clicks for me to imbed the code.

     As a bonus, if you're an Amazon associate and input your member number, you will get an extra 4-10 percent payment if your book is purchased. Granted, a percentage of an e-book is not much money, but that's not the main reason to do this. I'll get to that in a minute.


Here's How To Get The Book Link.

     In your browser, search Amazon for the Kindle book you want to share. Under where it says, "Buy with One Click," click the "Embed" link. It's way down at the bottom under the "Add To List" dropdown menu, next to the other sharing options. That takes you to the Kindle instant preview page. Once there, you can add or confirm your Amazon associates ID," if you have one, to earn an advertising fee.

     Use the radio button to choose what you want to copy, the URL, or the HTML code. Then place the URL or HTML code into your website according to your web provider's instructions.

You can see what the final result looks like Here.


Why You Should Become An Amazon Associate

     The Amazon associate program sometimes called the Amazon Affiliate program, is a marketing program that is free for website owners and bloggers.

     Simply put, associates advertise products from on their sites by creating links. When potential buyers click the links and buy products from Amazon, the associate earns a referral fee.

     One of the bonuses with being an Amazon associate is that you can earn a commission on ANY item that people buy on Amazon. Once someone clicks on your book's link, you may get a percentage payment even if they don't buy your book. Here's how it works:

     Every time someone clicks on your book's link, Amazon will place a cookie on their computer, and track what they do for 24-hours. If they buy something in those 24 hours, depending on what they purchase, Amazon will give you 4-10 percent of anything they are buying. Even If it's a competitor's book!

     That's right; you can make money from your competitors' book. If someone clicks on your book link and doesn't buy your book, but they purchase a competitor's book instead, you are compensated. If they buy a big-screen TV within 24 hours, you are also paid.

     Every time you promote your books on your website or your blog, be sure to use your associate links.

     Amazon has a few rules when it comes to using your associate code. The most important one is that you must use an associate code on a static website. Like your author website or your blog. You cannot post the link on your Facebook page or Twitter account. The other is you can't use your associate links when you buy things for yourself.


Amazon Tells You What People Purchased

     But that's not the biggest reason to open an associate account. As part of your membership, you will get a spreadsheet of everything anyone bought for which you received an advertising fee.

     On that list will be the book that people purchased after clicking on your book's link. If you notice that people are buying your competitor's book instead of yours, that's essential knowledge you can use to your advantage.

     You know that the right people are clicking on your link, but they are looking at your book and aren't motivated to buy. All you need to do is look at your competitor's book and figure out why.


     Why Are People Buying A Competitor's Book Instead Of Yours?

You've spent the time and effort to get people interested in your story and to go to your website. However, once there they click on your book link, they end up buying someone else's book. You have a problem all right, but it's not with your advertising or your web page. It's your Amazon sales page.

     Does your competitor's book have a better cover, a better-written summary, or does the book have more or better reviews? You need to know what your competitor is doing better than you. Once you know this, you can fix it.

     If you can't fix it, you can still use your competitors' books to your advantage. All you have to add to your book's blurb is one sentence.

     "If you liked this book (Title), then you're going to love my book."

     To sign up for an Amazon associate account, go Here. If you would like to know what Amazons associate payment structure is, go Here.

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