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Excerpt from the Fix-It Man

Antaeus Author

Hunter and Hunted by Antaeus

Dudleyville, Arizona, a population of 959

The blond-haired young man, whose mother called him 'Angel Face,' clutched the knife tightly as he stalked me through the woods. We'd been runnin' for a while, so I was actin' like I was tirin'. Angel Face was probably anticipating that it wouldn't be long before he caught up to his victim. When I looked back, I could see the thick muscled twenty-year-old smilin' in anticipation of what was to come.

He was probably thinkin'...This will be my first human kill. I've killed before, but only birds, rabbits, cats, and dogs. Last week I killed a baby pig. The fun part was staking them out and torturing them to death. The best part was that no one suspected. Well, almost no one. The old man that was doing some repair work around mom's house did, and now he's gonna pay.

* * *

"How could anyone with such a beautiful face do anything evil." That’s what his mother said to the deputy when he showed up at the house.

"The baby pig probably just ran away. My Angel Face wouldn't do anything like that. The handyman must be mistaken. After all, he's not from around here," his mother said to the lawman. The deputy looked over at me and sez, "I have to agree with Missus Holland here. You're not from around here, and she is, so her word means something. You're just a drifter trying to get a good boy in trouble." He picked up his hat and went on his way.

I had been watchin' the boy for two weeks. The pig had been his latest victim. Near the end, the baby pig's squealin' had turned Angel Face on. So much so, that he had to masturbate afterward. I watched the whole disgustin' thing.

Afterward, he sez to the pig, "That felt even better than when I did it while secretly watchin' my sister takin' a bath."

After that, my gift told me that Angel Face had fixated on killin' a human. That's when I told the Sheriff about the boy and what he was up to. A lotta good that did me. After the deputy talked to the boy's mother, the kid fixated on me. He probably figured no one would miss a transient handyman.

I was one step ahead of him, though. I set a trap for him far enough away from town so that no one would hear his screams.

* * *

The would-be murderer stopped runnin' at the tree line. He was scarcely outa breath when he caught up with me. We had come full circle. I was sittin' on a tree stump, not twenty feet from the tree line, right next to Angel Face's brand new, 1951 Harley-Davidson. My truck was a few yards further away.

I tried to make it look like I couldn't run no more. My shoulders were slumped, and my head was hangin' down. I watched the boy get an erection.

He was probably thinkin'..."This is goin' to be easy. I'm younger and stronger than the old man, and he's given up. I'll take my time with him, experiment a little."

I know that's what I would be thinkin'.

I picked up a good-sized rock and put a big dent in the fender of the Harley. When Angel Face saw that, he got madder than a rabid dog and came tearin' outa the woods at me. I planted iron, and his legs buckled. He was lyin' flat on his back before he knew what happened. When he looked down, there was an old, rusty, railroad spike stickin' outa his stomach at an angle.

When he looked up, I was standin' over him, grinnin' like the cat that ate the canary. I sez, "Guess who's in deep shit now, boy?"

The Lord provides.

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