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Books to Read  by Antaeus


"Brainfire-Light and Dark Stories to Ignite Your Imagination" is a collection of 30 fictional, nonfictional, humorous, and autobiographical stories. There is something for everyone in "Brainfire, "including Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure, Fantasy, and Humor.


A bonus section on "Surviving Lethal Threats," features five short stories on situational awareness. These informative stories will help the reader understand and use situational awareness in everyday life.

Each story in "Brainfire" begins with an introduction by the author, giving the reader insight into the story and its creation.

Poetry in the Rhythm of Life book cover.

"Poetry in the Rhythm of Life" is a collection of the author's personal musings on love, life, mortality, reincarnation, and spirituality. This collection of 55 heartwarming, funny, thought inspiring, and uplifting poems, with introductions by the author, took more than 50 years to create.

Fight or Flight book cover

We live in a time when a trip to the mall or a movie theater could bring you face-to-face with a mass shooting or terrorist attack. Incidents involving mass shootings, muggings, terrorist attacks, home invasions, and other attacks on the general public are no longer the exception. They are on the rise and becoming more violent and deadly.

When it comes to surviving an attack, you are either prepared or unprepared; there is no third option. It's a fact that the first people to take action during any type of attack, usually survive it.

"Fight or Flight" instructs the reader on how to avoid and survive these attacks at home, at work, or on the street. It also teaches the reader how to prepare for, avoid, and survive a violent personal encounter anywhere at any time.​

5-Stare Award

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award Winner

Weretiger book cover

It's not easy being a weretiger. A life of hunting and killing werewolves is tough enough. When you fall in love with a human, things get complicated.

 Alexander Malkin discovered werewolves were real when they killed his parents. Only the intervention of a weretiger saved Alex from the same fate, but his salvation came with a price. A few months later Alex was shocked and terrified when he morphed into a weretiger for the first time.

 When he was told that weretigers were created to hunt and kill Lycans (werewolves), he was curious. After his first taste of lycan blood, Alex was all in.

 From then on revenge was all about hunting and killing werewolves, and Alex was a natural at it. Then he met Cassandra, and everything changed.

That’s when the werewolves started hunting them both.

5-Stare Award
Surviving The Threat book cover. A man with a baseball bat.

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award Winner

Do you know how to survive a violent attack?

Surviving The Threat is a 21st-century reality guide that teaches you how to stay alive in life-threatening situations.

The book's unique advantage is that it is based on an easy to learn a three-step process called AIR, which has helped the author survive numerous lethal threats.

Real self-defense and survival skills are not reactive, they are proactive. Staying alive in a dangerous situation begins long before any physical confrontation takes place. Surviving The Threat tells you how using situational awareness can give you an advantage in dangerous situations, regardless of your physical ability or skill level. Read this book and stay alive!

Armed and Alive book cover

This book could save your life! (Excerpt from a reader's review.)

Armed and Alive contains true stories of Americans who altered the course of their lives and the lives of others by their use of legal firearms. Instead of becoming a statistic, they met force with force and became survivors.


These compelling stories of ordinary people, who saved the lives of loved ones and complete strangers, will amaze and entertain you. The stories are followed by the author’s commentary on the event.


This fascinating book also contains sections on what to do after you call 9-1-1, what you should do before you buy a handgun, how to make your home safer, gun safety, and much more.

Five Star Award from Readers' Favorite.

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Award Winner

Otherworld  Tales  Front Cover. Woman looking at a far away planet.

Ultimate Alternate Earth Tales is a compilation of book I  and book II in the Alternate Earth series.


Ultimate Alternate Earth Tales is a thought-provoking collection of unique fantasy and science fiction action/adventure short stories. These humorous interrelated action/adventure short fantasy stories are whimsical and outrageous at the same time. The stories are narrated by some of Pomegranate Town's most colorful citizens, who compete for the greatest number of free drinks.


Disremembered Wordes book cover
Nominee Award

Noveltuity Award Nominee

Do you know what a "funk hole" is? How about "doodle sack", "pud," "clitchy," or "tittynope"? Disremembered Words is a lexicon (a book containing an alphabetical arrangement of odd words and their definitions), not your usual dictionary.

It's also a fun look at some of the once-common words and phrases which have been left by the wayside over the years. The author has compiled more than 600 of his favorite arcane (obscure) and seldom-used words and phrases for this book.

Alternate 1
Out of Print
Alternate Earth Tales book cover

   Out of Print - -Included in Otherworld Tales

Welcome to Charlie's Tavern 
Alternate Earth Tales is a thought-provoking collection of unique fantasy and science fiction short stories by Antaeus.


These amusing whimsical action/adventure short stories are recounted by some of Pomegranate Town's most colorful citizens, who compete for the greatest number of free drinks.

Alternate 2
Out of Print
More Alternate Earth Tales book cover

 Out of Print - -Included in Otherworld Tales


More Alternate Earth Tales is the highly anticipated sequel to Alternate Earth Tales. The stories are funnier, the characters sexier, and the villains meaner in this edition. The original collection of thought-provoking unique fantasy and science fiction short stories was a hit with readers. This continuation is sure to be too. So pull up a chair at Charlie's Tavern, order a mug of your favorite beverage, and sit back while the local characters entertain you.

Rune Book cover. A man with a sword defending a woman.
Out of Print

An action-adventure love story set in the twenty-third century.

More to Come!

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