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Gemini Wordsmiths

       If you are going to self-publish, make sure your book is as perfect as it can be. Your finished product is what people will judge you on, so spend a few bucks and let an editor go over your book to make sure you are professionally presenting yourself and your work. Better yet, let two editors polish your work Gemini Wordsmiths gives you two editors for the price of one.



       If you want to have your book professionally published by a reputable company at a bargain price, look at BookLocker. They are the cheapest publishers, at $78 for a DUI package and $975 for a complete package. Angela Hoy is the President and CEO of, and all BookLocker authors have direct access to her.


       Angela also writes a free newsletter for authors called WritersWeekly. The newsletter is full of helpful information for new and experienced Authors.

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