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     At the age of seven, Antaeus started working in a bar cleaning the toilets. He wrote his first poem on a piece of toilet paper while working there.

     Antaeus is the author of "The Prepared Citizen," a three-book series on how to react to, and avoid, dangerous situations and active shooter attacks.

     In addition to nonfiction, Antaeus has also published sci-fi, action/adventure, and fantasy novels. Antaeus' poetry and short stories can be found in magazines such as Gravel, Ariel Chart, The Lycan Valley Press, Trampset, Armarolla, Heart and Humanity, as well as other publications.

    Antaeus now lives in Florida, and he can afford to use real paper now.

"Telling someone to 'grow up,' or 'act your age,' is just another way of telling them to grow old. I'll never grow old, because I refuse to grow up, or act my age."--- Antaeus

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